Skincare Facial Services


PCA Skin Facials (60 & 90 Min)  

Free 15-Min Consultation For First Service! 

Enzymatic Therapy Facial
PCA Enzyme Treatment helps improve texture, anti-aging and overall skin brightening with an immediate post-treatment glow. 

*Skin Conditions: All/Sensitive

Detoxifying Therapy Facial
PCA Detoxifying Pore & Galvanic Current Treatment helps reduce sebum production for instant & long term skin-clarifying benefits, like smoother skin and clear pores.

* Skin conditions: Acneic, Oily and Congestion

Targeted Acne Therapy Facial
PCA Skincare & High Frequency (HF) Treatment targets stubborn acne to clarify & purify while “HF” kills bacterium and reduces inflammation. 

*Skin conditions: Acneic

“Face Lift” Therapy Facial
PCA Skincare & Non-Invasive Microcurrent Treatment targets facial toning, sculpting and firming for a youthful lift & contour 

*Skin Conditions: Aging/Laxity

LED DPL Light Therapy Facial
PCA Skincare & Light/DPL Therapy targets proliferating collagen & elastin to reduce fine lines & wrinkles. In addition, it helps reduce inflammation, kill bacteria and drain the Lymphatic System for overall immunity. 

*Skin Conditions: All/Sensitive

Customized Back Treatment
PCA Skincare & Treatment targets Acne with hydration & relaxation on the back area.

 *Skin Conditions: All

All Facials Include: Ultrasonic Therapy & Neck/Shoulder/Hand & Arm Massage


Enhanced Skin Care Services

(45 Min) HydraFacial 
PCA Skincare & HydraFacial targets exfoliation, extractions and hydration for advanced results, such as even skin tone, less congestion and maximized internal hydration in the skin. 

*Skin Conditions: Sensitive/Normal/Resilient

(60 Min) Advanced Dermaplane Facial 
PCA Skincare & Dermaplane Exfoliation Treatment targets fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. It also helps remove vellus hair, while promoting deeper product penetration & instantly smoother skin.

*Skin Conditions: Normal/Resilient 

(45 Min) PCA Chemical Peels & Retinol Peel
PCA Peels gradually target a variety of skin concerns, such as aging, rosacea, discoloration and acne, for advanced exfoliation & improvement  

* Skin Conditions: Sensitive/Normal/Resilient 

(60 Min) PCA Chemical Peel Dermaplane Duo 
PCA Sensi Peel & Dermaplane Exfoliation Treatment targets deeper resurfacing to help improve tone, texture and hyperpigmentation – resulting in healthier glow immediately

*Skin Conditions: Normal/Resilient 

Offered in clinic. Cannot be added to service when booking online.

Enzyme Boost
Detox Boost
High Frequency
Gua Sha Massage
Cryo Therapy
HydroJelly Mask
Hand Treatment 
Lip Treatment
Neck & Décolleté Treatment
Under Eye Treatment

Before and After Results


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