Clean Start Weight Management

Clean Start Plan
Lose up to 20-30 pounds in 40 days
90% nutrition 10%activity 

Will it be easy? No.  Will it be worth it? Absolutely! 

Why It Works

Metabolic weight management, has the effect of “unlocking” the body’s fat stores so that the metabolism can now burn these energy reserves to power daily bodily functions. This in turn helps to maintain one’s muscle mass during weight loss. Healthy dietary lifestyle changes are begun to increase the body’s metabolism which can then more efficiently metabolize and remove body fat with the help of hormone based weight loss.

Metabolic weight management Both Managed By NP may also help to reshape the body’s fat deposits, targeting especially the abdomen, buttocks, upper thighs, neck and face. It has also been suggested that hormone based weight loss plays a role in establishing a new weight “set point” for the body making it less likely to return to one’s previous body weight. 

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Phentermine Management
Lose up to 10-15 pounds in 30 days

Can be paired with Fat burner Injection for energy and weight loss

Basic Get healthy Plan 
Lose up to 10-15 pounds in 30 days

Vitamin B12 Injections
45 mins. | Prices Vary

Lipotropic Injections
45 mins. | Prices Vary


HCG is said “to perform a metabolic recovery, where the hypothyroid is said to be reset, boosting the metabolism and increasing the person’s ability to burn fat at a much higher rate. hCG is also said to break down body fat, causing rapid weight loss by mass even before registering on a scale.